Tuesday, 16 June 2015

An Introduction to Android Rooting and Various Methods of Doing It

If you are an iOS user and recently switched to Google's Android then you can consider Rooting as something equivalent to jailbreaking. Rooting an Android device erases its limits, in terms of both software and hardware, and allows one to use their phone at its full capacity.

Should I Root my Android Device?

Well, that depends. If you are a technology geek and always like to try out something new on your Android, then you should Root your phone. Because, the advantages of rooting are enormous.

Is it safe to Root Android?

Absolutely safe, as long as you are aware of what you are doing. Because this is not as simple as installing app from play store. Rooting does require a basic knowledge about Android. If you are completely new to Android and want to Root your device, I suggest you to get around with your device and know a bit more about it. Though, developers provide you the safest and tested methods in our guides, you should be careful while performing them.

What can I do after Rooting my device?

I've mentioned before that the advantages of rooting are enormous. If you are an Android developer, it is like having a single digit lottery with you. With a rooted device one can,

  • Install apps that require superuser permissions
  • Update OS
  • Update firmware
  • Switch ROMs
  • Increase Internal Memory
  • Increase Ram
  • and a lots more....

What are the cons of Rooting?

The only disadvantage of rooting is that it voids your device's Warranty. In fact, we should not consider it a disadvantage because warranty can be restored by unrooting your device. So far, this is the only known issue of rooting.

How should I root my Android?

The process of Rooting varies for every device out there in the market. Don't worry, developers may have already found a process to root your device. You can find all those safety guides out there in Xda-forums, a place where all the android developers share their astounding knowledge. Just Google for "Root your-device-name Xda" and you'll be given with loads of tutorials. As a matter of fact, the first one is always the best one!

Bottom lines:

Finally, all I want to suggest you is, never have a dilemma whether to root your android device or not. You may have come across this tutorial with an intention to root, so be on it. Go a head, root your android and enjoy the ultimate possibilities.

Rooting voids your warranty, so do it at your own risk!