Saturday, 17 January 2015

How To Burn And Play Call of Duty(COD): Advanced Warfare iso Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the latest edition of Call of Duty series, the most popular first person shooter games. As expected the original disc costs around 3.5 grand in India. For those who can afford it, everything goes fine. But the users who jtagged(exploited) their consoles may face some errors while trying to play from downloaded ISO. Usually we people, after downloading the ISO, burn it to some dual layered DVD. But when i tried this process the console pops up a message showing "Cannot Read Data From DVD". If you people have faced the same error or any other error try following the below steps.

First Process:

What will you need:

  • A 16 GB Pendrive formatted using Xbox. Follow this tutorial. (A better company like sony or hp would do the job).
  • Horizon. Download from here.
  • Xbox Backup Creator. Download from here.
  • A Dual Layered DVD or External Hard drive fat32 formatted.
1) First copy the both iso's to pc. Now extract first iso to a folder using Xbox Backup Creator.

2) Look-up for the folder called "CONTENT" in the extracted files. You will find 2 files inside the content folder.The two files look like this.


3) Install Horizon and open it. Now connect your Xbox formatted Usb drive to pc. Drop the two files in the horizon and wait for the copying to complete.

4) Now you are done with iso 1 and lets move to the iso 2.

5) Burn the second iso to a dual layered DVD (or) extract the second iso and copy the extracted folder to the hard drive.

6) Now connect the Usb drive to Xbox and play the game using second Dvd.

Most Important Step: Enjoy the Game!

Second Process:

Things Required:
  • Two Dual layered Dvds.
  • A 16GB Xbox formatted Usb Drive(only for those who are low on HDD space).
1) First burn the two isos to two different dual layered Dvds.

2) Insert the first Dvd into your Xbox and install its components to internal HDD or Usb.

3) Now insert your second Dvd into Xbox and play the game.

First process is a bit easier when compared to second one.