Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How To Surf Internet Anonymously Using Virtual Private Network(VPN)

The Best way of hiding your IP address from online servers is by using a virtual private network, simply called VPN. A VPN forms a mask over IP and there by hiding your original network IP address which helps us from being captured. Another great advantage of using VPN is, you can open blocked websites like and surf anonymously. So today i will explain you how to use VPN and surf web like a boss. Follow the steps below.

1) Download Cyber Ghost VPN software.

2) Create a free account in cyber ghost website.

3) Now install the software and log in using free account.

4) Now click Connect, it takes some time to connect over VPN.

5) After the software successfully connected to VPN, You are ANONYMOUS!!!

Now Surf Internet like a BOSS.

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