Thursday, 3 October 2013

How To Break Deep Freeze Password

Hello fellas! Today i am here to show you a small hack to break Deep freeze password. Before going to the procedure i will give you a small description about Deep freeze software. This software is used mostly in internet cafes where virus files are downloaded by the users. It restores any changes applied to the operating system with every restart of pc. So the files downloaded or softwares installed in one session will not be available in the next session. This small software is quiet powerful in handling the viruses. This makes hackers like us a difficult thing in installing hacking softwares. Disabling this software is very simple if you have the password. But what if we don't have it? We need to break it, right? So lets proceed to the breaking procedure.

Note: Please disable Anti-Virus and Windows defender in order to Install this software

1) Download the software Anti Deepfreeze 1-7 which works for all current and upcoming versions of deep freeze. Download link.

2) Extract it and run the software.

3) Now the software appears like this.

4) If everything is fine the software shows Deep freeze detected.

5) Now click Start. If everything goes well you will be asked for a password.

6) Leave the password box blank and click ok.

7) Whola!!! you have just cracked the deep freeze password.

8) Now set the boot to "Boot Thrawn" and restart the pc.

9) You have successfully disabled deep freeze software.

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