Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How To Add a Custom Player Skin in GTA Vice City

A 1990s game, but still the best entertainment game, that is the GTA's wonderful creation GTA Vice City. But sometimes we get bored of seeing the same player skin through out the game. How it would be if you create your player skin? Fun it would be right? Yes its a lot of fun in creating your own player skin! So Today i will guide you about creating your own player skin in GTA Vice City. To create your player skin follow the steps below.

1) Locate the directory where GTA Vice City is installed.

2) Now open "Skins" folder, you will find default player skin image.

3) Now edit the image using Photoshop, after successful editing save a copy of it.

4) Now launch the game and in game options you will find Player Skin Setup.

5) As you have created a new skin image in Skins directory you find it in the list of available player skins.

6) Now select your created skin and apply it.

7) Now you see a new player face, costume, and everything new(whatever you have changed).

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