Thursday, 26 September 2013

How To Hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter And Many Other Websites Passwords

How To Hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter And Many Other Websites Passwords
Hacking has become much easier these days. Ever wanted to hack someone's facebook or Gmail password? or ever wanted to know what your enemy is doing with his Pc? and the answer is 'yes' for most of the readers. Because, according to me, the best way to track someone's activity is by hacking their facebook, twitter or any other social networking account with which they spend most of their time. I personally saw a lot of people spending hours of time in internet using their social networking accounts. How it would be if we hack them? You don't need to be an IT expert to do all these things. As i said hacking has become easy these days, all these things are simplified by softwares.
Today i will show you one such software call Adramax Key logger. This software, in fact, does not really hack accounts, but using the information provided by this software you need to add a little knowledge of yours and retrieve the password. What actually this software do is, for instance, if you install this software on a pc which has multiple users it saves a log file that has the complete information exactly typed(keystrokes) by the users. By seeing this log file its very easy to locate password in it because it is present just after the username which just looks like And another outstanding feature, my favorite one, in this software is remote installation. Remote installation means, loosely speaking, creating a software that installs automatically without being displayed(concealed) while installing. So what is use of creating this software? This software is actually created to send it to desired victim's mail. When victim opens the mail and double clicks the software it is installed automatically without being known. Now the real game starts. The software starts sending the log file of victims pc for every 5 minutes(changeable) to our mail. This software not only sends the keystroke log file but also sends web activity, Application activity, chat activity all these logs including screenshots. Want to hack someone immediately? So lets proceed to the process.

How To Hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter And Many Other Websites Passwords

1) Download the software Adramax key logger from here.

2) Download its registration key from here.

3) After downloading the software install it but dont open it.

4) Now right click the adramax key logger icon in taskbar and click enter registration key.

5) Now enter the key provided in step 2. A message appears like ' registration code accepted.'

6) Now open adramax key logger and select remote installation.

7) Now a box appears asking for the settings, set your desired settings and click next until the finish button appears.

8) Now it takes some minutes for the software to be created. After the software is created a message appears showing that the software is created successfully.

9) Upload the created software to your mail and send it to the desired victim.

10) Once the victim opens the mail and double clicks the software the software is installed automatically and it starts sending the log of his keystrokes and many other screenshots to your mail.

11) All you need to do is open the log file and start searching for the password, Superb isn't it?

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