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How To Fix Copying Errors During Windows XP Installation

How To Fix Copying Errors During Windows XP Installation
Hello guys! Many of us have faced errors during windows xp installation. The most commonly known error is " Cannot copy file xxxxx.dll. Press enter to retry, Esc to skip and F3 to exit". If you are facing such problem and looking for a solution then you have come to the right place. If you press Esc at that time the files that are failed to copy are skipped. You cannot proceed to further step in installation. Even if you manage to proceed to the next step and complete the installation process you will be facing problems while using it. When i first faced this kind of error i skipped the files and somehow managed to install windows. But after the windows start up, i cannot open control panel, application wizard and many others. There are three reasons for this kind of errors to occur.

1) Your Disc Reader or Writer has some hardware error.

2) Probably your hard disc has become old or contain some memory errors.

3) The disc you are using has scratches on it or may be it has been exposed to sunlight.

The reason for the copying error may be any of this. To find out where the error is located. Lets try all these steps.

1) Try using the same disc by changing your disc reader. If you see the same error then your disc reader is working fine.

2) Try the same disc on other pc, if it is successful on other pc then the disc is fine and it means your hard disc has some memory errors.

3) If you are sure that the problem lies in your hard disc then run a long memory test here. After rectifying them you should be successful in installing windows xp without any errors.

Another reason for this error is Ram. Errors in your Ram memory can also cause this error. So if you face the same error after trying the above steps then just give another try by changing your Ram. GOOD LUCK!

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