Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How To Create a Website And Make Money From It

Making cash online by creating an internet site is a great plan. In face, a successful website can be your primary financial gain. However it's somewhat risky and time taking method and seriously speaking, it is a patience required process. To make a website you need not to be a web-designer or a programmer. Simply basic pc knowledge and a few net skills can structure an ideal website. But where to start? This can be the frequent question that arises now and then. The answer is, it depends on the kind of website you would like to begin. What are the categories then? There are many kinds like Business website, Affiliate website, Personal website, Forum website and a lot more to list. So if you're an individual and aiming to share your distinctive information with the globe through your website then a Personal website suits you best. Then What to post concerning in your website? This is very important because the primary and foremost thing you ought to do is to decide on the category of your website like what is it concerning about. Categories include gaming, computers, software, health etc. Thus if you're a professional in any of them then it is best to begin website supported that category. To create a personal website several online firms like Google and few alternative websites provide online tools with that you'll be able create a website extremely in a matter of minutes. A small list of them is Blogger, Wordpress, Textpattern, Habari, Movable,Type and so on. As all of us know that Google is the best, I recommend to go with Blogger. As the website is made using Blogger it is merely called a Blog. Here is a step by step process of creating a blog, developing it and further making money with it.

Step 1: Creating a blog and designing it

1) Visit Google's Blogger and sign in using your gmail account.

2) Then select create blog, further page asks you to choose a blog name and blog address. I recommend you to choose a much better name that matches your blog category in order that you need not modify it later.

3) Then in the next page choose a template that you would like to apply to your blog and then start blogging.

4) Now you've got a separate blog and an address for it what next? Now what you need to do is gather quality content(information) and start posting about it in your blog.

 Step 2: Getting a Custom domain for your blog

Not speaking about all, I personally hate my blog address looking like example.blogspot.com, everyone likes their blog address to be simple and easy to remember like example.com. Thus, for this what you need to do is register a custom domain at domain registering sites. You don't get a .COM domain for free, you need to pay for it anually. But there are many websites that offer cheap .com domains. What domain registering sites actually do? The main job of domain registering sites to redirect your custom domain example.com to example.blogspot.com. A list of websites that offer cheap .com domains can be found here. I personally recommend to go with Bigrock because they offer many payment choices even if you don't own a credit card you can pay offline through cheque or demand draft. And newbies can get .com domain for just 99 rupees(1.58 $). Simply buying a custom domain is'nt enough. The very next thing you need to do is to host your website at online web hosting services.check this guide" how to host your website or blog to web hosting services".

Step 3: Driving traffic to your blog

The heart of this subject is driving traffic to your website. But how? As we all know that nothing can beat search engine traffic, we need search engines to identify our website. Search engines have bots that crawl the web pages online through links. In alternate you can also submit your blog address to Google here. Second thing you need to do is to make your website or blog popular. Quality content attracts more visitors and make Google recognize your blog very fast. Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter can help you a lot in spreading your blog. Create a page about your blog in Facebook and link it to your blog. Invite all your friends to the page. Share the posts as soon as you publish them in your blog. This makes people understand that your blog is updated daily. When Google finds support for your blog from social networking side it makes its Google bot crawl your website or blog. And when Google bot crawls your blog and finds unique and quality content it indexes your blog pages and when your blog pages are indexed you will find your blog displayed in Google results when searched about particular content. Check this guide on How To Make Google Recognize Our Blog or Website With in 24 Hours.

Step 4: Making Money with your Blog

If you've completed the above steps successfully then lets head towards the last and final step, making money with your blog. The best way of making cash with your blog is by placing ads of some online companies and making visitors to click them. Google Adsense is such company that offer you money for placing ads in your website or blog. But for some unknown reasons Google Adsense is no longer available for new bloggers. Check this guide for 15 Best Adsense alternatives for new Bloggers. Another way of making money is by shortening your website URLs by using websites like bit.ly , adfoc.us , Adf.ly but adf.ly is banned in India for unknown reasons so try the other two websites. These websites shorten your website URLs and when people click the shortened URLs and wait for 5 seconds you get paid. In this way you will be paid 5-7$ for 10000 visitors. Another way is to place in-line ads. In-line ads refers to ads that are placed like links in between the blog post and when a visitor thinks it a real useful link and clicks it you will get paid. Some of the websites that offer you in line ads are Adbrite, Infolinks, Clicksor and many others but we get pretty income from these websites. And the last way is to sell  your most popular blog for huge amount. If you don't have an idea of selling your blog then just leave it.

This is the most common procedure for creating and making money with blog or website. If you have any other ways then please suggest us by dropping your valuable comments in comments box. If this post is helpful then please share it.